About Derby Sands Derby   Sands   is   one   of   over   100   local   branches   of   the   national   charity   Sands,   registered   charity   number 299679.   The   head   office   of   national   Sands   is   based   in   London:   to   visit   national   Sands   website   please click here . Derby   Sands   has   been   in   existence   for   over   20   years   and   since   approximately   2008   the   group   has   grown and grown, becoming much more than just a support group. Derby Sand strives to work towards the three core aims of national Sands: 1.   To   provide   emotional   support    and   practical   help   to   anyone   who   has   been   affected   by   the   loss of a baby. 2.   To   work   in   partnership   with   health   professionals   to   improve   the   quality   of   care    and   services offered to bereaved families. 3.   To   promote   research   and   changes   in   practice    that   could   help   to   reduce   the   loss   of   babies' lives. On   November   26 th    2014   Kirsty   Wiser   took   over   from   Lou   Evans   as   Chair   of   Derby   Sands.   Kirsty   is supported   by   a   committee   of   8   other   Derby   Sands   members,   who   meet   up   once   every   two   to   three months   to   discuss   issues   such   as   fundraising,   raising   awareness,   improving   bereavement   care   at   the hospital and in the community, feedback from national Sands and latest research. About our Committee Members Kirsty   Wiser   has   been   a   member   of   Derby   Sands   since   January   2014   after   her   second   son,   James   was stillborn   at   38   weeks   in   January   2012.   She   has   since   had   a   third   boy   in   March   2013.   Kirsty   completed   her befriender training in July 2014 and took over the role of Chair of Derby Sands in November 2014. Lesley   Boreham :   iis   one   of   our   Derby   Sands   grandparents.   Lesley's   granddaughter   Gwen   was   born   at   full term   on   April   8th   2011   but   died   the   following   day.   Lesley   joined   Sands   in   the   summer   of   2011   and completed   her   befriender   training   in   July   2014.   She   became   a   member   of   the   committee   and   took   over the   role   of   treasurer   from   Lou   in   November   2014.      Lesley   completed   her   advanced   befriender   training   in November 2015. Kelly   Bolam   has   been   a   member   of   Derby   Sands   since   July   2013   after   her   second   child,   Alice   was stillborn   at   32   weeks   in   May   2013.   She   completed   her   Initial   Befriender   training   in   July   2014   and Advanced   Befriender   training   in   November   2015,   is   an   active   fundraiser   and   works   alongside   Lou   Evans in co-ordinating the names and maintaining the Derby Sands Baby Memorial Garden. Lou   Evans   has   been   a   member   of   Derby   Sands   since   Feb   2009,   after   her   second   child,   Lauren   was stillborn   at   36   weeks   in   Jan   2009.   She   has   completed   her   Initial   and   Advanced   Befriender   training   and was   the   Chair   and Treasurer   of   Derby   Sands   from   June   2011   –   Nov   2014.   Lou   organises   the   memory   boxes and is the Derby Sands Baby Memorial Garden co-ordinator. Gabi   Stenson   joined   Derby   Sands   after   her   first   child,   Boo   was   born   asleep   at   22   weeks   in   March   2010. Sadly,   Gabi   has   since   experienced   three   ectopic   pregnancies.   She   has   completed   her   Initial   Befriender Training. Betty   Clarke   has   been   a   member   of   Derby   Sands   since   April   2011,   after   her   granddaughter   Frankie   was stillborn   at   39   weeks   in   February   2011.   Her   daughter   has   since   had   another   baby   girl.   She   has   completed her Initial Befriender Training and is one of our fund-raising co-ordinators. Kim   Weir   has   been   a   very   active   member   of   Portsmouth   Sands   for   the   last   few   years,   completing   her Initial   Befriender   training   and   helping   to   run   the   group.   Kim   moved   to   Derby   in   2014   and   joined   our committee in November 2014.  Kim’s first baby, Michael was stillborn in September 1988 Michelle   Wakefield   joined   Derby   Sands   in   September   2013   after   her   first   baby,   Henry   died   aged   one   day old in July 2013. Michelle is one of our fundraising co-ordinators. Kate   Ives    joined   Derby   Sands   in   October   2015   after   the   stillbirth   of   her   first   baby   Martha   in   June   2013.     Kate has since had a baby boy in February 2015 and is undertaking her befriender training soon.
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Supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives
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Charity registration number 299679