Support From Derby Sands Derby Sands offers support to you in several different ways: If you have experienced the devastating loss of your baby or someone close to you has been through this heartbreaking experience then we hope that this website will provide you with invaluable information, support and comfort.  If you are a Health Care Professional then we hope that we can provide you with the information that you are looking for. Monthly Support Group: We hold a monthly support group on the second Tuesday of every month (7.30-9.30pm) in Derby. The group offers you the opportunity to talk about your baby/babies and share your experience, thoughts and feelings with other parents who understand because they have been through a similar experience. Or you can just come along and listen to others. Either way, the meeting aims to offer support and comfort in a relaxed setting to parents who have experienced the loss of a baby.  If your partner does not want to attend the meeting and you don’t want to come alone then it is fine to bring a friend or parent with you. Here’s what some of our members say about the support they have received from us: “I first contacted Derby Sands in May 2009. My son died in 2007 and for nearly 2 years I struggled to cope with his death on my own until I was encouraged to contact Derby Sands when I was going through a particularly difficult period. It really helps me to be in touch with people who have the same struggles and hurts as I do and I feel comfortable to say exactly how I feel. This comes as a light relief from everyday life where friends and family, as caring as they are, will never understand how the death of my son has affected me”. Lisa, June 2010. “I have met some truly wonderful people at Derby Sands. We have come together in such tragic and heartbreaking circumstances and even though we don’t feel it sometimes we are strong people. Kate does an amazing job running the Sands group and I would not have known what I would have done without her or the group, thank you so much”. Michelle, May 2010. “I have a whole new circle of friends since joining Derby Sands in February 2009, friends who truly understand what I have been through and continue to go through because they have been there themselves. It is so refreshing to be able to say exactly how I am feeling and not have to explain myself and to hear that others feel the same emotions and have the same thoughts as I do. The meetings are not all tears and sadness either, we laugh as much as we cry and it is so special and comforting to talk about our precious babies and imagine them all playing together somewhere......”. Lou, June 2010. Derby Support Group Meetings Derby Sands offers support, comfort and understanding to anyone affected by the loss of a baby before, during or after birth We provide support at our monthly support group held on the Second Tuesday of each month: 7.30 pm — 9.30 pm see address and dates below. “It was such an enormous relief to attend the support group and share my story with a small friendly group of people who had all been through a similar experience and therefore really understood how I felt. The group is informal and relaxed—we talk about anything and everything. We laugh, we cry and we share our thoughts and feelings. There is no pressure to talk at all and sometimes all you feel like doing is sitting quietly and listening. The group really is invaluable to me” - Lou, June 2009.
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Supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives
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