Event Fundraising at Sainsbury’s, The Wyvern Sainbury’s at the Wyvern chose Derby Sands as their charity of the year. As well as organising lots of independent fund raising events, Sainbury’s invited Derby Sands to the store for a charity bag packing and Awareness Day on Nov 17th 2013. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the public at the tills and many asked questions about Derby Sands. Our Awareness Stand at the entrance of the store had a lot of interest and several members of the public came up to us to talk about their own experience of baby loss. Derby Sands Christmas Meal, Toby Carvery, Chaddesden, Dec 10th 2013 34 members of Derby Sands attended our first ever Christmas meal at the Toby Carvery. We all had a lovely evening and were able to share our worries and tips regarding coping with the loss of a baby over the Christmas period. Lou Evans, Chair of Derby Sands gave each member a beautiful ceramic star to place on their Christmas tree, a visual reminder of their own precious little star. Thank you to the Toby Carvery for a lovely meal and for allowing us to continue to use the meeting room, free of charge during 2014. Christmas Service of Remembrance, Nottingham Road Cemetery Baby Garden, 19th Dec 2013 Our fourth Service of Remembrance was attended by families from all over Derby who had experienced the loss of a baby in recent years and long ago. The service was led by Lou Evans, Chair of Derby Sands and Marise Hargreaves, Chaplain at the Royal Derby Hospital. As always, the service was extremely comforting and ten dads / granddads were invited to release a white dove (from www.whitedoveservice.co.uk) in memory of all of our precious babies.
Supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives
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5 April 2019
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