Please don't stand in our garden and cry, We're safe and sound, we're up in the sky, We play all day then we snuggle up tight, We're the brightest stars that twinkle at night. We know that you miss us, that your hearts ache so, That you would give anything to see us grow, Just close your eyes and we will be there, In your heart, in your mind, we're everywhere. Christmas is coming, we know it's so hard, A time for families yet we are apart, But we will be there, in spirit we will be, We're the twinkling lights in your Christmas tree. So please don't stand in our garden and cry, Look upwards and send all your love to the sky, Take comfort, we're happy, we love you forever We know that one day we will be together. By Lou Evans, December 2010
Poem - A Message From Our Babies At Christmas-Time
Supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives
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5 April 2019
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